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I sympathize with your situation. It may cost you more to pursue legal action against USCIS to recover the fee. Have you tried contacting your local congressional representative? Maybe his/her office ...Read more

You are likely to face difficulty re-entering so quickly after spending two years in the country. Why not simply remain in the United States and depart on or before the expiration of your grace period ...Read more

There is a lot more information needed to determine whether you are citizen. Having a U.S. citizen parent is just one of the criteria. You must have establish a blood relationship,  your father w ...Read more

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Two Canadian Teenagers Commit Inadvertent Illegal Border Crossing…

I recently came across a peculiar instance of illegal immigration that could quite literally have only happened in 2016. As reported by Reuters, two Canadian teenagers in Alberta were fixated on searc ... Read more

Election Issues and Immigration #2: The Immigration Record of Mike Pence

THE SELECTION OF MIKE PENCE After much speculation, the presumptive Republican nominee for President, Donald Trump, selected Indiana Governor Mike Pence of Indiana as his running mate. Prior to his si ... Read more

Our Articles on Recent United States Supreme Court Decisions

INTRODUCTION: NEW SUPREME COURT CASES RELATING TO IMMIGRATION The Supreme Court issued numerous high profile decisions in the final days of its October term 2015 (ending on June 27, 2016). Several of ... Read more

Fraud and Loss of Investor Funds in EB-5 Cases

Many wealthy people from other countries are investing large sums of money in the EB-5 investor program as way to immigrate to the U.S. with green cards. Unfortunately, some investors are discovering ... Read more

Election Issues and Immigration #1: The Future of DAPA and the DACA…

INTRODUCTION: THE FUTURE OF DAPA AND THE DACA EXPANSION AND THE ELECTION On June 23, 2016, the an equally-divided Supreme Court affirmed the Fifth Circuit’s judgment that uphold a preliminary in ... Read more

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