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H 1B Visa FAQ
Can an H-1B alien intend to immigrate permanently to the U.S.? Can an H-1B alien travel outside the U.S.? How do you apply for an HB1 Visa? How long can an alien be in H-1B status? If my company is acquired by another company, do I have to file for an amended H-1B? Must an H-1B alien be working at all ... Read more

A Waiting Game: The Uncertainty of Immigration
About one million people immigrate to the US legally each year. That's not enough to admit everyone who wants in. The wait to immigrate can last more than a decade. Are there ways to be admitted legally faster that can lead to immigrant status down the line? Quotas and restrictions limit and delay immigrant ... Read more

Name Check Processing Delays Citizenship
What's in a name? Hundreds of immigrants had their applications for citizenship put on hold while federal authorities performed "name checks" before passing their applications. Immigrants from the Los Angeles area reached a settlement over these delays. Settlement Over Citizenship Application Delays ... Read more

Keeping Immigrant Families Together
The road to a green card is now less burdensome for some spouses, children and parents of U.S. citizens. TAn executive order signed by President Barack Obama allows some undocumented immigrants who are applying for green cards to remain in the United States during most of this process. The new rules ... Read more

To be able to vote, hold public office or serve on a jury, a person must be a United States citizen. Living in the US doesn't automatically make someone an American citizen. Residents of the US can have the status of aliens, nationals or citizens. Aliens are people who have left a foreign country to ... Read more

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Donald Trump and Amnesty

INTRODUCTION: DONALD TRUMP'S IMMIGRATION PLAN—PART ONE Donald Trump's rise to the top of the Republican polls—where he sits with less than a week remaining before the first votes are cas ... Read more

NVC Sending Letters to Correct Erroneous Form I-130 Denials

On January 26, 2016, the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) reported that the Department of State's (DOS's) National Visa Center (NVC) has begun sending letters to immigrant visa applican ... Read more

Is Ted Cruz "Born To Run?" | Callagy Law

Original Post:http://callagylaw.com/is-ted-cruz-born-to-run-callagy-law/ The Controversy over Ted Cruz’s Eligibility for President and the Vicissitudes of Constitutional Law ... Read more

Increased Supplemental Fees for Certain L1 and H1B Petitions

With the passage of the omnibus appropriations bill that I wrote about here, supplemental feels for L1 (L1A and L1B) and H1B petitions are increasing for companies that: 1. Employ 50 or more employ ... Read more

2016 Presidential Candidate Profile: Bernie Sanders

Follow this link to read about my 2016 Presidential Candidate Profiles. Candidate Profile: Bernie Sanders Current Office: United States Senator from Vermont Age: 74 (born September 8, 1941) Pa ... Read more

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