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H 1B Visa FAQ
Can an H-1B alien intend to immigrate permanently to the U.S.? Can an H-1B alien travel outside the U.S.? How do you apply for an HB1 Visa? How long can an alien be in H-1B status? If my company is acquired by another company, do I have to file for an amended H-1B? Must an H-1B alien be working at all ... READ MORE

A Waiting Game: The Uncertainty of Immigration
About one million people immigrate to the US legally each year. That's not enough to admit everyone who wants in. The wait to immigrate can last more than a decade. Are there ways to be admitted legally faster that can lead to immigrant status down the line? Quotas and restrictions limit and delay immigrant ... READ MORE

Name Check Processing Delays Citizenship
What's in a name? Hundreds of immigrants had their applications for citizenship put on hold while federal authorities performed "name checks" before passing their applications. Immigrants from the Los Angeles area reached a settlement over these delays. Settlement Over Citizenship Application Delays ... READ MORE

Keeping Immigrant Families Together
The road to a green card is now less burdensome for some spouses, children and parents of U.S. citizens. TAn executive order signed by President Barack Obama allows some undocumented immigrants who are applying for green cards to remain in the United States during most of this process. The new rules ... READ MORE

To be able to vote, hold public office or serve on a jury, a person must be a United States citizen. Living in the US doesn't automatically make someone an American citizen. Residents of the US can have the status of aliens, nationals or citizens. Aliens are people who have left a foreign country to ... READ MORE

What's a Passport Card?
Anyone who travels from the US to Canada, Mexico or Bermuda on business or vacation should know about US passport cards. They don't cost as much as passports and they're designed especially for people like you. Some Details In June 2009, new rules under the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI) ... READ MORE

Joining the Military to Become a U.S. Citizen
Members of the U.S. military serving in war time are entitled to special processing of their applications for naturalization or citizenship, as long as they're actively and honorably serving or recently received an honorable discharge. Those with green cards or temporary visas can serve in the U.S. military. ... READ MORE

Rights of a U.S. Citizen
The U.S. Constitution doesn't treat naturalized citizens any differently from American-born citizens. Citizenship is automatic when you're born in the United States. In most cases, if you're born elsewhere, you must go through a legal process to become a citizen. This is naturalization. Only the federal ... READ MORE

U.S. Citizens Traveling Abroad
It is easier for U.S. citizens to travel abroad than it is for citizens of many other countries. To travel abroad, you must comply with the international passport and visa system, and comply with local requirements. In addition, international travel raises special considerations that you should prepare ... READ MORE

Abandonment or Renunciation of Your U.S. Citizenship
Maybe, after being disappointed in a big election or disagreeing with the U.S. government's policy on some foreign relations issue, you've heard someone say, "I am going to give up my American citizenship and leave the country!" Maybe you've said it yourself. Few people actually follow through on such ... READ MORE


Get a Free Evaluation For Your Citizenship Case From a Local Attorney

Want To Get Immigration Papers Before the Next Olympics? Here Are Two Ways

Kenyan born distance runner Paul Chelimo who won a silver medal for Team USA, is in the U.S. Military which has a Fast Track program that allows legal permanent residents to become U.S. citizens quick ... Read more

Which Mexican Visa is Right for You?

When you do NOT want to seek permanent residence in Mexico For Vacations and Casual Trips to Mexico: Simply fill out and use the  visitors visa permit, available from the airline you travel ... Read more

Fertility Treatment & Expanded Immigration Benefits

Families that use assisted reproductive technology such as in-vitro fertilization, foreign surrogates or other forms of technology to start their families can now pass on their family based immigratio ... Read more

Is Marriage Really a Path to Citizenship?

        Following the rules Failure to observe immigration regulations and other laws could result in loss of permanent resident status and may prevent a person from eventually qua ... Read more

Children of illegal aliens

Several politicians and commentators have recently advocated for the repeal of the 14th Amendment, to deny citizenship rights to US-born children of illegal aliens. Some call them “anchor babies ... Read more

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