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How Trump Presidency Impacts Immigrants in the U.S.
What can you do to ensure a safe future for you and your immigrant family in the United States? ... Read more

How Should DACA Recipients Protect Themselves With Trump in Office?
What can you do to make sure the end of DACA doesn't lead to your removal? ... Read more

How Much Power Will Trump Have to Change U.S. Immigration Rules?
Who has primary power when it comes to establishing U.S. immigration law and procedures. ... Read more

Immigration Denials and Appeals FAQ
Are there any time limits or requirements for appeals? Is a denial under section 214(b) permanent? What can I do if my immigration application has been denied? Can I appeal? What can you do if an acquaintance is refused a visa? ... Read more

Fewer Worries for Immigrant Widows
Imagine being a foreigner married to an American and living in the United States. Shortly after your marriage, your spouse dies. Besides mourning your spouse’s death, you now have an additional worry—deportation. However, there is good news; as part of a bigger Homeland Security bill that President ... Read more

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Know Your Rights During Immigration Raid

Know Your Rights During Immigration Raid Make sure you and others know what to do if approached by ICE officers.Inform your family members (even children), housemates, neighbors and co-workers, regard ... Read more

Plan Familiar En Caso de Emergencia: Haga un plan de cuidado para sus hijos

Llámenos al 626-442-9900 o búsquenos por internet www.apuentelaw.comLa abogada Alma D. Puente ejerce ley de inmigración y pertenece a la Barra de Abogados de California.9660 Flair Drive ... Read more

ICE and detention of aliens

Every year, local law enforcement agencies receive thousands of requests from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to keep individuals in custody—even after they are entitled to releas ... Read more

Are You Currently Facing Deportation?

Advice from a deportation attorney in NY Facing deportation can be a terrifying experience.  The life you carefully constructed and attempted to live in the U.S. may come to an end as you know it ... Read more

Pro Bono Work

The tragic earthquake in Haiti has created a persuasive legal question for many Haitian nationals living in the U.S.  For that reason, Bretz & Coven is delighted and proud to offer “pro ... Read more

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