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Undocumented (sometimes called "illegal") immigrants living and perhaps working in the United States have some rights under the U.S. Constitution, des ... read more
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Family Based Visa FAQ
Are medical examinations required for the immigrant visa? Are there limitations to the number of immigrant visas? How many categories of family based immigration are there? Once a visa is applied for, is it guaranteed that it will be issued? What documents are required for a visa application? What happens ... Read more

Fiance Visa FAQ
Can my fiancé(e) travel outside the United States? How do I bring my fiancé to the United States? How do I remove the conditions on permanent residence based on marriage? Is anyone determined ineligible for the visa? My fiancé has children. Can I bring them over too? My petition for a fiancé(e) visa ... Read more

Immigrant Visa FAQ
Are you a citizen of a foreign country? Do you want to come to the US to live here permanently? You'll need a visa. The US Department of State, Bureau of Consular Affairs, provides information on its website about acquiring immigrant visas. You must pay close attention to all the various requirements. ... Read more

American Apparel Targeted for Immigrant Hiring
In today's economy, we know our clothing is made all over the world and hope that labor laws are being followed. What we don't expect is for those laws in the US to be violated. It's more important than ever for employers to meet the terms of federal immigration and labor laws. As part of a new high-profile ... Read more

Unions Support the Obama Immigration Initiative
There are millions of undocumented workers in the United States who are being taken advantage of and driving down wages for other workers. The comprehensive immigration reform (CIR) addresses the legal status of these workers in the United States and helps protect all workers from exploitive practices. ... Read more

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