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What Happens When You Overstay Your...

If you overstay your visa, you're in the United States illegally. There's not much difference under the law between someone who enters illegally without a vis...Read more

Your Student Visa Depends on the Ty...

The United States offers many educational opportunities for citizens of other countries. Educational visas, also known as student visas, give non-immigrant st...Read more

Understanding the Various Termporar...

Visitors and workers from other countries who want to travel to the United States need to obtain a temporary visa to do so lawfully. The type of visa you need...Read more



Marriage and U.S. Citizenship

Marriage to a U.S. citizens makes foreigners eligible for a green card. However, getting your green card is just the first step toward naturalization, or U.S. citizenship. The naturalization process i ... Read more

Joining the Military to Become a U.S. Citizen

Members of the U.S. military serving in war time are entitled to special processing of their applications for naturalization or citizenship, as long as they're actively and honorably serving or recent ... Read more

Becoming a Naturalized Citizen

"Naturalization" means that a foreign-born individual has become a U.S. citizen. Although it can be a long, involved process, naturalization gives you all the same rights you'd enjoy if you'd been bor ... Read more

U.S. Citizens Traveling Abroad

It is easier for U.S. citizens to travel abroad than it is for citizens of many other countries. To travel abroad, you must comply with the international passport and visa system, and comply with loca ... Read more

Can Undocumented Immigrants Get Driver’s Licenses?

The ability to drive a car can be essential to many of the tasks of daily life - taking the kids to school, picking up groceries, going to the doctor and, perhaps most importantly, getting to work. ... Read more