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I have this 19 years guy that lives in Ghana we not related in any way, I would want to help him get to the state and continue his school here or stay here with me forever. I don't know if they will allow him because I have been to prison but now everything is going on well. I'm off parole and free now but am not sure of my record. What can I do to bring that boy here please
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Answered on Aug 12th, 2017 at 2:13 AM

If you are boyfriend and girlfriend, your friend may obtain a Fiance visa and immigrate to the US when said visa is issued by the consulate in Ghana. That visa, however, is good for only 90 days, and the two of you must get married within that time period. Once married, he can adjust status to that of lawful permanent resident. I would need to know more about your criminal past, but I dont think it would pose a problem. Also, one of the requirements for the issuance of the Fiance visa is that the two of you must have physically met. 

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Regardless of your situation, U.S. immigration law can be confusing. Are you seeking to come to the United States for pleasure, business or to attend school? Do you want to stay here just temporarily, for a longer period of time or live here permanently? Are you a permanent resident or seeking citizenship? If you want to come to the United States, immigration lawyers can help determine your eligibility for various types of visas and guide you through the application process. If you've already arrived in the United States, an immigration attorney can determine whether you're eligible for permanent residency and if you can bring family members into the country to live with you. Immigration law firms can also work with individuals who have entered the country illegally, overstayed their visas or violated the conditions of their visas and are facing removal or deportation proceedings.
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